Kerala Honeymoon Packages in May

This is the time to express your love to your newly weds partner with Kerala Honeymoon Packages in May. May is only the month in Kerala when rain is completely reach at the half of percentage. Honeymooners are like this time because of their rainy mood. Every person is like the rain if they free only busy people do not like the rain. But Honeymooners are free at that time because of their new marriage. There are sunrises at sharp of 6 of clock at morning and sunset is 6:40. That both time is very lovely and some time there is a rainbow in the sky that is photo shooting time for Honeymooners. Sea temperature is very normal and day and night temperature is also normal. This month there is widely growing of Okara, onion, and Chilli veges that also like by Honeymooners. Some of the festivals are like thrissur Puram and Shree Shankara Dance and Music Festivals are also in very trained with Honeymooners.